Mind Over Matter… Decartes always says that our thoughts are what drive us…they hold the most power. Beck and Ellis wrote an entire therapy based on how our thoughts control our behavior.

I believe that these theories apply to anything. They apply to daily life and to our view on our health. I chose to eat healthier, because I know it keeps me mentally balanced.¬† I choose to pound out that last mile. Not because I have to, because I believe I can. I am a true believer that my mind, my courage, my belief in myself is what got me here today. It is what has turned me into the “Health-Nut” (what my friends call me) whom has maintained a happy mind and body.

I will be writing my rants about the world’s disbelief in health and psychology and how “it does not matter” or “is too hard to be bothered with.” I will be writing about new and exciting health discoveries in my world. I will also be blogging my journey to my first 15K this year with plans to run a Half Marathon by the end of 2010. I have no formal fitness and nutritional training, but I am a therapist by trade. I am not on here to market my practice at all. I just want to come on here to discuss theory and health amongst like-minded people.